It’s all coming together

With less than two weeks until our Rhode Island state licensing hearing, things are really coming together.

Last weekend we had a successful run through with the brewing equipment, getting a half batch of Kolsch from a bag of grains to a fermenter full of wort in just a few hours.  In that time, nothing leaked, clogged or otherwise became a major problem.  On the operations side, the pickup truck which will serve as our delivery truck has been outfitted with a new cap.  It still needs to have our logo painted on, but that should be fun to do.

Last night I met with Justin and Keri from Keri Marion Design to learn how to take on some of the configuration of this site.  Look for frequent changes and updates as I get used to the ins and outs of WordPress!

Next up is designing a better way to rack the beer into another fermenter for conditioning.  The current method is a little primitive, but it works.  The new method will involve less turbulence and the introduction of less oxygen to the beer.  This should result in better results (not that we haven’t been making good beer to this point!)  With the warmer weather coming, we’ll also need to finish the climate control system for the fermenting room.  The yeast likes it nice and cool which is easy in the winter.  Come summer, we’ll need AC to keep the climate right.