Monthly Archives: June 2012

Prepping for the first full-size brews

I just visited our local brewery supplier and came back with 500lbs worth of grains.  These will be used to brew our first full-size batches, intended for sale.  It must be said that a grain supply warehouse is a thing of beauty to the eyes and nose.  Rows of malts […]

Name Calling

Naming our beers was almost an afterthought, really. When we first decided to open a brewery, there was a lot of fun talking about slogans, beer names and other parts of the business that didn’t require any concrete work. As we started building and moving through the licensing process, however, […]

Is that the finish line ahead?

Life’s been a bit crazy lately and the website had to take a back seat for a couple of weeks there. Things continue to move forward at the brewery.  Two of our fermenters have been delivered to a welding shop for some modifications to make our brewing process easier.   As […]