Is that the finish line ahead? 1

Life’s been a bit crazy lately and the website had to take a back seat for a couple of weeks there.

Things continue to move forward at the brewery.  Two of our fermenters have been delivered to a welding shop for some modifications to make our brewing process easier.   As they were, the beer went in easily enough, but getting it out and cleaning up were a challenge.  We’re adding a larger drain at the bottom so we can free all of the yeast and such, as well as a new one up higher to pull out the newly fermented beer.

Brewmaster (and skilled fixer-upper) Drew put in a shelf in the fermenting room to house our climate control equipment… well, the portable AC unit and space heater.  It looks good and should help produce consistently great beer.

We’ve started talking to distributors about selling our beer and hopefully will have someone signed on soon.  This is the last major impediment to getting our beer out to you!  Within a week or two, I hope to be able to tell you exactly when you’ll be able to find us on tap.

One thought on “Is that the finish line ahead?

  • David W Giammasi

    Im and so happy to see you guys make something of pawtucket i think turning it into a beer Mecca would be a good thing.A avid beer drinker of good beers I’m very happy a local brewery is going to open ill have to make my way to track 84 soon and see if i can catch one of your beers on tap.David p.s. Life is too short to drink shitty beers.

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