Prepping for the first full-size brews 1

I just visited our local brewery supplier and came back with 500lbs worth of grains.  These will be used to brew our first full-size batches, intended for sale.  It must be said that a grain supply warehouse is a thing of beauty to the eyes and nose.  Rows of malts stacked to the high ceilings ran on and on, and the enticing scent of beer grains filled the air.

They have top men working on this. Top men.

So, now my small chunk of those grains are stored away in the brewery waiting to be made into beer.  The hops are on order and will arrive in about a week.  The first beers off of the production line will be our Kolsch and our IPA, a couple of beers that should be perfect for the summer.  Read more about these here.

In the first week of production we’ll start fermenting enough to make 10-12 kegs of each, depending on how efficiently our as-of-yet untested modifications work.  Each beer will spend one week fermenting before being moved to a second tank for a week of conditioning.  From there, the beer will be kegged, carbonated, and will continue to condition for another 3-4 weeks.  Some of this will be en-route to the distributor and then to the bars and restaurants where it will be served.  Adding that all up, expect to see it available 6 weeks or so after the first brew day!

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  • Dan Burns

    How impressive gents, that varitable or literal cornucopia of beer supplies most of been a sensory delight.

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