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It’s been about two months since I’ve updated this blog.  While those two months would have made for dull blogging, they led to some major progress for us here at The Bucket.

Let’s get right to the big news.  The Bucket Brewery is very happy to announce that we have reached an agreement with Sage Cellars in Warren, RI to be our distributor!  Sage is a small wine distributor looking to make their first moves into the beer market.  Like Bucket, they are new, small and very into providing a craft service that focuses on RI as the unique place that it is.  Anne and Jesse of Sage Cellars immediately took an interest in working with a startup brewery to help it grow and prosper.  It was clear after meeting a couple of times that Sage and Bucket are a great match.

So, with a distributor on board we now are up to brewing at full capacity at the brewery.  Large batches of our Kolsch and IPA have been brewed and are fermenting, with our Robust Porter and Maple Stout to be following in the next week.  We had previously held off on brewing at this capacity because we didn’t know when we might be able to get beer into local bars and restaurants.  With distribution in place, we will now be able to get beer out as soon as it is ready.  That will be about four weeks from the brew day, so the Kolsch and IPA should be on taps starting in late November or early December.  As we make agreements with bars to carry Bucket, I’ll post them up here.  Man it feels good to have a real time frame to put out there!

So, lots of beer brewing, distribution lined up and a real time frame for Bucket beer to be available; What else could possibly be going on?

Well, lots as it turns out.  This Sunday, 11/11, we will be debuting the Park Loop Porter at Track 84 in Warwick for participants in the Rhode Island 6 Hour Relay and Ultra Marathon.  We are all very excited to see our new, spiffy Bucket Brewery tap handles sitting alongside other greats at a fantastic beer bar.  It’ll just be for a day and a private party, but it’ll be a nice taste of life a few weeks down the road.

Finally, Erik and I took a trip down to the Newport Storm brewery in Newport to meet with the owners of almost all of the other brewery and brewpub owners in the state.  The group met to formally pool our resources for advocating new laws, trading ideas, organizing local beer festivals and plenty of other goals we share.  All of the other brewers who were there (HiJinx, Gray Sail, Trinity, Union Station and Newport Storm) were very friendly and supportive of what everyone else was doing.  We had a great time talking with all of them.  The beer scene in Rhode Island exploded in 2012 with us, Ravenous, Gray Sail and HiJinx all starting up.  It is an exciting time for beer lovers in Rhode Island and it is my hope that this group will help foster a proud and thriving beer scene in the state.

Well, that’s all for now.  I expect to be updating a lot more as we start bringing bars and restaurants on board, and fine-tune our lineup.  Thanks to everyone who has followed us here and on Facebook.  It’s taken a long time, but we are just about there!


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