The 6 Hour Relay

As our followers on Facebook already know, Bucket was the beer sponsor for the Rhode Island 6 Hour Ultra-marathon and Relay.  In this capacity we provided six cases of beer for use as prizes for the top three relay teams as well as two kegs of beer for the party afterward at Track 84.

The race, which looped around Warwick City Park was a great event.  I (Nate) had run it twice before and returned this year for my third effort with the Wild Colonial Running Club.  Team Acidotic won by a lot, as usual, followed by the Tuesday Night Turtles running club in second.  The Wild Colonial team fought hard for third, but dropped back a couple of minutes in the latter half of the race and the spot went to team Fuel Belt… congrats to them on a well run race!  Bob Jackman, the director of the race was a very gracious host to the Bucket Brewery, allowing me to prominently park the truck for all to see, and mentioning us a lot during announcements.  I used a newly installed tap on the side of the truck to provide free sports drinks to all who wanted it.  We went through a keg and a half of the stuff!

The Bucket Brewerymobile with its newly installed tap serving up refreshing, non-beer beverages at the 6 Hour Ultra and Relay

Six cases of the Bucket’s Park Loop Porter are stacked and ready to be awarded to the top three relay teams.

After six hours of running and a brief awards ceremony, I and many of the runners headed over to the nearby Track 84 bar.  If you haven’t been, Track 84 is a great destination for fans of craft beer.  They have a large selection of some really excellent and unusual beers on tap.  It was a thrill to walk in and see the Bucket Brewery tap handle amongst the other representing such great beers.  Our new Park Loop Porter, designed and named for this event, was poured almost constantly for as long as the kegs lasted.  Most of the Bucket crew showed up for the event and we received plenty of compliments on the porter.  More importantly, we heard it praised in conversations that were just overheard and not directed at us!  In all I’d say it was very well received.  Dave, the owner of Track 84, reportedly liked the beer a lot as well.  He was not around for the party, but I hope to get in touch with him soon to see if we can get the beer back in there soon.

More photos from the race and party can be found at Scott Mason Photography.

Back in the brewery the Pawtucket Pail Ale is almost through its primary fermentation stage and the new batch of Park Loop Porter was showing signs of a strong fermentation as of last night.  A small batch of Kolsch is conditioning and just about ready, while a larger batch is sitting in secondary and will be kegged on Saturday.  We have samples of the Porter to start shopping around and the small batch of Kolsch will provide some new samples as well.  Hopefully we’ll be getting them around this week to some of our favorite bars and restaurants to see if they’re interested in carrying them.