Welcome to the Bucket!

Rather than a usual blog post, I’d like to take a minute to welcome people who are just learning about the Bucket Brewery. In the coming days there will be a lot of new press out about us and we will be appearing at the much-anticipated Inaugural RI BrewFest.

The Bucket Brewery has been in the works since the summer of 2011, and started shipping beer to local establishments at the end of November 2012. We are a hands-on, very small scale brewery focused on producing small batches of very high quality beers.

Here are a few questions that I get often:

Is your beer available in bottles or cans? Currently Bucket beers are available only in 1/6BBL (5 gallon) kegs. As we grow, we anticipate adding the space and equipment needed to bottle or can our beer.

Do you do tours or tastings? For the time being, we are doing this part time and in a tiny space. When we are there we are hard at work making great beer. Making beer is a wet, messy process that consumes the whole space… having guests at this time just isn’t practical.

Do you have any merchandise? Yup, we just printed our first run of shirts in assorted styles and colors. These will be on sale starting at the RI BrewFest, and we will find a way to keep selling them after that. Pint glasses are next on the list.

Bucket T-Shirts

To learn more about our current beer lineup, please check go to http://bucketbrewery.com/our-beers

To learn where our beer is being sold, check out http://bucketbrewery.com/whos-serving-bucket-beer. Not every location will have our beer on every day, but all of the listed locations have us in their rotation.

If you are a bar or restaurant owner interested in putting our beer on tap, you can purchase Bucket Beer through our distributor, Sage Cellars. They are at http://sagecellars.com. You can always contact us as well, and we will bring samples of our beers to your establishment for a tasting.