Big Changes at Bucket 9

I haven’t updated this in a while, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to say.

As many of you know, Bucket Brewery is planning a move and a big expansion. To that end we ran an Indiegogo fund raising campaign in May and June. While we didn’t hit our goal, we did manage to bring in around $4000. To those who contributed any amount at all, we give our sincere thanks! Those funds, combined with loans from friends, family and other sources has allowed us to start work on the project.

Where are we moving to? Don’t worry, Bucket will still be in Pawtucket. Where else could we be after all? We’ll be moving into a 3700 square foot space at 545 Pawtucket Avenue. This is about 10 times the size of our location on Mineral Spring Ave., and we will be making great use of the space. Currently, the mill owners are building the walls and other basics of the new space. When they finish in the next couple of weeks, we’ll be setting our contractors loose on it to get it ready for our specific needs.

Once the construction is done, the equipment will start to move in. Our 1BBL (30 gallon) brewhouse, where the grains are mashed and the wort is boiled, will be replaced with a big, new 10BBL system. Our 2BBL fermenters will be replaced with 20BBL ones. With people working full time on production, you can expect to see an average of 30BBL of beer made each week, much more than the current maximum of 4BBL.

In addition, we’ll have tours, tastings and retail sales. With a law allowing the limited sale of growlers at the brewery recently passed through the RI legislature, you’ll also be able to go home with some Bucket brew after a tour!

With all of that happening, you can bet that we are all excited here! Of course we can’t move full fermenters full of beer, so we will be shutting down production at the Mineral Spring location to let everything empty out. There will then be a gap in production while we wait for the new location to be fully licensed and ready for operation. That means that supplies will be thin for a little while, so expect it to be a bit harder than it already is to find Bucket at your favorite bars and restaurants. We are doing our best to minimize that time, and once we are back online, you’ll be able to find Bucket all over the place!

Keep following us and we’ll keep you up to date on the progress in the new space. Once again thanks to everyone who helped make this big expansion possible!

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