Things are changing fast! 1

Work has started at the new brewery and things are happening fast!  What was once a big empty room is now starting to look like a usable space.  We got in there and dug some trenches for our floor drains.  Electricians have been hard at work getting power on for us.  GKT heating and cooling has been in advising us and running our glycol lines, and our glycol chiller was delivered.

Glycol is what we use to keep our beer at the right temperature.  If it is too warm while the yeast are fermenting it, the beer takes on any number of funky flavors.  Once we are happy with the work the yeast has done, we drop the temperatures in the tanks to near freezing and the yeast go into hibernation and precipitate out of the beer.

Here are some photos of the work so far:


One thought on “Things are changing fast!

  • Clare Aslaksen

    The trench looks like a canal in Venice! Hard work but worth it. Can’t wait to see the new brewery.

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