Run with Team Bucket


The organizer of the Rhode Island Brew Fest has started a series of Craft Brew 5Ks, and Providence is on the list of cities to host one! We at Bucket love the idea, and we want to have a ton of runners crossing the finish line in Team Bucket shirts!

Maybe you’ve never run farther than to your fridge to grab some Pail Ale… Well, what better way to start getting some exercise than by working with our program to gently ease you into the sport of running?

Maybe you discovered the Park Loop Porter after spending six hours on the Warwick City Park Loop and have the running thing down cold. Well, we will have more advanced training and track work as well.

Runners at any level are very welcome to join. Benefits include a team shirt, discounted race/beer festival entry, training and coaching, post-run beers and more.

Get the whole scoop and sign up on our Team Bucket site.

Bucket Brewery has a long history of supporting athletics. Our beers made their public debuts when we sponsored the Deary Family Triathlon and Rhode Island Six hour Ultramarathon & Relay. We have since provided support to Hot Giraffe Cycling and supply beer each month to Rhode Runner’s Wednesday night group runs.