Bucket is changing distributors

On Friday evening, Bucket Brewery terminated our contract with Sage Cellars for distribution.

For those who don’t know, Rhode Island is a “three tier system” state meaning that a brewery has to sell their beer through a licensed distributor, rather than directly to retailers or the public.

The result of the termination of our manufacturer-distributor agreement means that we will be unable to move more beer out into the market until we enter an agreement with a new distributor. Any beer currently in stores, bars or restaurants will still be available. We anticipate that we will be working with a new distributor within days and that our beer will be returning to retailers within 1-2 weeks. Throughout this time, Bucket will still be open for tours, tastings and our Sound Check music & art series.

We felt that despite the short term disruption this could cause, this move was essential for us to continue growing. Once this transition is complete we expect that Bucket beer will be available in many more locations very quickly.

Thanks to everyone who supports us. We really appreciate it and look forward to a very promising future!