Strap on your running shoes!

The weather is getting nicer and it’s a great time of year to put on a pair of running shoes and get outside for some exercise.  Yeah, yeah, we all know that exercise is good for your heart, blood pressure, stress and all… more importantly though, The Bucket Brewery is […]

Congrats to Alabama home brewers

Home brewing beer is a great hobby.  Anyone with about $100 to invest can start with basic equipment and little knowledge and produce a good batch of beer.  For those inclined to do so, the hobby can take on limitless levels of creativity and precision.  There is an art to […]

It’s all coming together

With less than two weeks until our Rhode Island state licensing hearing, things are really coming together. Last weekend we had a successful run through with the brewing equipment, getting a half batch of Kolsch from a bag of grains to a fermenter full of wort in just a few […]

Open Studios was a huge success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to check out the brewery this weekend.  We had more visitors and positive feedback than we could have imagined.  We’re exhausted, but it was a lot of fun.  Keep checking in here and on Facebook to see when more of our beers will be available for […]

We’re making news!

An article about the two new breweries, The Bucket Brewery and High Jinx, that are coming to Pawtucket is in this week’s issue of the Valley Breeze.  Check out the article online!