Increasing Focus

As always, it feels like getting Bucket Beer to market is just around the corner.  These days, though, that feeling is starting to show some strong signs of materializing. On one front has been the ongoing hunt for the right distributor.  We’ve met with a lot of companies, ranging from […]

August Updates

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything up here.  The Bucket Brewery took a break from production for a few weeks due to the heat.  With temps in the upper 80s and into the 90s it was just about impossible to keep the brewery cool.  For those […]

Why start a business in Rhode Island?

Last week I did a short interview on WPRO’s Morning News with Tara Granahan & Andrew Gobeil.  I was invited on after a report on CNBC came out listing Rhode Island as the worst state for business.  The morning show was looking for someone to voice the real-world view of […]

Live on WPRO 7/12

I’ll be on WPRO tomorrow at 6:20am to talk about starting a small business in Rhode Island. You can listen in at 630 AM, 99.7 FM or online at

We’re in the Valley Breeze

On Saturday, we got down to the business of brewing beer. Finally.  After about 10 hours of hard work, the first batch of Pawtucket Pail Ale is in the fermenter!  I don’t mind saying that it smells fantastic, even before fermenting.  We hope to get a batch of the Kolsch […]

Prepping for the first full-size brews

I just visited our local brewery supplier and came back with 500lbs worth of grains.  These will be used to brew our first full-size batches, intended for sale.  It must be said that a grain supply warehouse is a thing of beauty to the eyes and nose.  Rows of malts […]

Name Calling

Naming our beers was almost an afterthought, really. When we first decided to open a brewery, there was a lot of fun talking about slogans, beer names and other parts of the business that didn’t require any concrete work. As we started building and moving through the licensing process, however, […]

Is that the finish line ahead?

Life’s been a bit crazy lately and the website had to take a back seat for a couple of weeks there. Things continue to move forward at the brewery.  Two of our fermenters have been delivered to a welding shop for some modifications to make our brewing process easier.   As […]


Good news everyone!  On Friday afternoon we had a quick inspection of the brewery and the truck by the state, and they have deemed it all to be good.  They came with our license in hand, and we are now officially a fully licensed brewery! I’m going to be a […]

The RI State License Hearing

On Friday at 10:00am, we had our license hearing with the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation.  Bucket Brewers Nate, Drew and Erik made it down to Cranston for the event. We had prepared well, with multiple copies of all of the documentation, knowledge of the business plan and defenses […]