Our story begins with two guys, Nate and Erik. Both had been home brewing for years, and started brewing together in their back yards in the summer of 2010. The goal of the first brews was to make enough beer for Nate’s upcoming wedding. In the ensuing months the two continued brewing on a regular basis, creating better beers, refining the equipment and process and devising some great new recipes. As they continued to brew together, talk turned to the idea of an eventual commercial venture.

TJ, a mutual friend of the two brewers noted that he could provide some equipment to allow for some larger brewing projects. Having this greater capacity led to the realization, that as much fun as it might be to try, the three of them would not be able to drink nearly as much as they were certain to produce and the beer would have to be shared with the public. The wheels were officially set in motion to make the jump from hobbyists to professional brewers.

To round out the team, the trio turned to some other friends. Drew had joined in on the occasional brewing session, and one of his creations took home a prize at a local brewing competition. Ron brought to the table the business and accounting skills needed to make this a business. Five friends who enjoyed hanging out together had just hit on the magic formula to turn fun into a business.

Bucket opened its pilot brewery in the Lorraine Mills in Pawtucket. The space was a 375 square foot room, and the equipment was largely retooled and designed to create a 1 BBL brewery. The first keg of beer went on tap in November 2012 and within a couple of months it was clear that the demand was huge and a bigger brewery would be needed.

In June of 2013, the pilot brewery closed and construction began on a full scale production brewery in August. Located in the mill at 545 Pawtucket Avenue, the new space was nearly 10 times larger at 3400 square feet. With a 10 BBL brewhouse, the production capacity grew ten-fold as well.

In the Fall of 2013, brewing began in the new facility and in November, Bucket Brewery was officially opened to the public. In addition to the kegs of beer that were the exclusive packaging in the pilot site, Bucket started shipping beer in 64oz and 32oz containers. The beer has beer very well received by our Rhode Island customers and the brewery continues to grow!

Bucket now holds tours and tastings every Saturday, as well as the Friday Night Sound Check music and art series, and other events.